Why Do People Have Panic Attacks?

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It is sometimes quite a mystery, ‘Why do people have panic attacks?’ There are many contributing factors but some are more apparent than others. In many cases there may not seem to be clear reason as to what causes panic attacks as it can happen to almost anyone and at any time.

Why Do People Have Panic Attacks?Very often causes of panic attack can be traced back to a time in the person’s childhood where they might have gone through a traumatic incident. This incident becomes trapped in the memory of the person and in their adult life when something happens that is similar to that incident; it brings about a panic attack.

These incidents can be something major like a parents’ divorce, a parent’s death or even something humiliating like other children making fun of you because you’re poor, fat or were disabled in some way.

Another possible reason as to why do people have panic attacks can be something that you can’t run away from; it can be hereditary. Studies show that people with family members such as parents, grandparents or even uncles or aunts who have had panic attacks are more likely to have it themselves. While you can’t do much if it is in your genes but if you’re aware of the situation, then you can take steps to prevent it.

People with chronic phobias are also prone to panic attacks such as fear of enclosed areas, fear of creepy crawly animals or stage fright. Until they actually experience these occurrences, the individuals themselves may not have not known that they have such a phobia in the first place.

For people who are afraid of heights for example, if they suddenly look down from a ten storey building, this might trigger a panic attack. For those suffering from fear of open areas, just stepping out into a shopping mall may cause an anxiety attack.

Stress is considered to be one of the main causes of panic attacks. Stress can appear in many forms. Some people have very demanding jobs that require them to work day and night.

For some people home life might be where the stress starts – mothers with many kids, who have to run around taking care of the house and kids can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. For many people finances or a lack thereof is a great reason for stress. With debt amounting and possibility of losing their homes and such, their internal system might just snap into a panic attack.

Relationships can be stressful as well; both physical and verbal abuse can worsen the stress levels of a person and lead to an episode.
That’s why it’s so important for these people to sometimes take time out to relax and enjoy the little things in life before the situation becomes unmanageable.

There are some medical conditions that can lead to a panic attack. It can also be from a side effect of a medicine that one is taking. Asthma, anemia and some heart problems can lead to a person having a panic attack due to the difficulty in breathing. Withdrawal syndromes from certain drugs can also be a reason for panic attacks.

Knowing why do people have panic attacks is beneficial when working out a form of treatment as you can see different causes require different approaches of treatment.
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