Finding Out What Triggers Panic Attacks

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Finding out what triggers panic attacks are just as important as finding a cure for the problem. In fact considering that there can be a wide variety of reasons for a person to get panic attacks, it is important to distinguish the symptoms and to make sure we find the right panic attack cause so that it can be dealt with properly.

Finding Out What Triggers Panic AttacksMany people realize that having a healthy and balanced diet daily is crucial for the well being of a person. What many people don’t realize is that there are certain foods that you should stay away from to be safe from what triggers a panic attack.

Coffee is one such food. Coffee is enjoyed by many as a great morning drink. The caffeine in coffee has the ability to inhibit adenosine, a form of protein found in the body. This inhibition of the protein causes interferences in a reaction in the brain causing adrenalin to be produced. This is actually what makes you to be wide awake after a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately this increase in adrenalin can also cause you to feel edgy and anxious at the same time especially so for those prone to panic attacks. Caffeine can also increase the blood lactic acid level and research shows that an accumulation of lactic acid can also cause you to be more high strung and panicky.

Sugar is another food source that people with panic attacks should stay away from. Just like coffee, sugar has the ability to increase lactic acid levels in your blood. Also sugar can cause insulin to be released which in turn can lower the blood glucose counts. This makes a person feel agitated and their feelings to go on a roller coaster ride. To ensure you don’t cause another anxiety attack, you should just stay off sugar and take fruits and whole grains instead.

Alcohol is another food that you should stay away from if you don’t want to get another panic attack. You may think alcohol calms your nerves; at least that’s what the movies portray. In actual fact, alcohol also causes the lactic acid in your blood to increase and causes a variation in your blood sugar level. This in fact makes you feel agitative and anxious.

So the main three culprits that you should stay away from are coffee, sugar and alcohol without which you will actually feel healthier as well.

While the above are foods that you shouldn’t take, let’s see what happens when you don’t take the food that you should take. A lack in Vitamins B12, Thiamin and Niacin can cause your nervous system to deteriorate thus increasing the chance of you getting a panic attack.

The lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can also be what triggers panic attacks easily. Physical exercise when done together with a well balanced diet will cause your physical and mental to be aligned and ready to go making you less prone to getting panic or anxiety attacks.

There are many reasons for what triggers panic attacks but as I said earlier it is different for each person and the onus should be on the medical doctor and patient to work towards finding out the exact reason for the panic attacks and getting the right cure.

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