Find out What Causes Panic Attacks

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Find out what causes panic attacks from the many triggers depicted below.

Having some form of phobia: People who have phobia over certain conditions and things, may get a panic or anxiety attack when brought face to face with these conditions.

Being overly passive: While being polite, shy and respectful may be good traits to have but when one is overly ‘nice’, it can indicate an underlying problem of having low self morale and a lack of self confidence. These are characteristics of people who normally suffer from panic attacks.

Hyperventilating: Taking in too much oxygen by hyperventilating can affect the blood acid levels resulting in increased heartbeats and dizzy spells. This symptom itself can turn into a panic attack.

Becoming dependent on prescriptive drugs: Normally, drugs like benzodiazepine are given to eliminate panic attack syndrome quickly but extended use may cause a person to become addicted and withdrawal from this drug can in itself be behind what causes panic attacks.

Find out What Causes Panic AttacksMedications that result in panic attacks as a possible side effect: There are some drugs that have been known to list panic attack as a possible side effect for example certain antibiotics and Ritalin. It affects people differently with some just having a panic attack when they first start taking them and for some it goes on for a while.

Usually when these forms of panic attacks are reported to the physician, the dosages are adjusted. Hormone replacements like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are usually taken for controlling serotonin levels in the brain and to regulate emotions.

But unfortunately during the early stages it can cause an increase in anxiety levels. People who go on and off these forms of medications are more prone to anxiety attacks as well.

Biological reasons: There are some biological disorders that can result in panic attacks causes; for example like post traumatic disorder, obsessive and compulsive behavioral disorders, mitral valve prolapsed, Wilson’s disease, being hypoglycemic and even labyrinthitis. Deficiencies in the Vitamin B group in your body due to infections and unbalanced diets can also cause panic attacks.

Hereditary Disorders: Just like other hereditary problems, children of parents who have had panic disorder are more prone to getting the conditions themselves. While a person with no family inheritance of this disorder can also get it, it is quite common for those of the same gene pool to inherit the problem.

Childhood environment: Adults who grew up in a stressful or overly protected environment are also more prone to panic attacks. Of course those who have had to deal with a past traumatic incident are also more than likely to manifest the experience through panic attacks.

Significant short term life changes: Emotional distress from failed marriages and deaths in the family can also bring about panic attacks.

Chemical stimulants: Chemical stimulant like nicotine, caffeine, marijuana and other drugs can also cause panic attacks.

Bear in mind that these incidents affect different individuals at different levels. Some people just need one such stimulus to set off a panic attack while for others it may be a combination of a few stimuli. People who are stronger emotionally may not be affected at all even when they are exposed to these conditions.

It is good to know that some of the triggers that act as causes of panic attacks may be symptomatic of other underlying medical health problems. Therefore, it is essential to find out for sure what causes panic attacks in people so that the right form of treatment can be administered.

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