The Panic Puzzle Review – A Thorough Insight into Rich Presta’s Program

The Panic Puzzle Review – A Thorough Insight into Rich Presta’s ProgramReviewer: Jason Kluber
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Website Reviewed: Panic Puzzle Program

The Panic Puzzle by Rich Presta works on the premise that it is possible to train the brain to react properly during a panic attack and take control of your own thoughts. The Panic Puzzle Review looks at the philosophy behind this technique in greater detail and puts forward an objective view of the program.

Rich Presta – the Creator

Rich Presta has firsthand experience dealing with panic attacks as he was crippled by it for a long time. In the beginning, he too was overwhelmed by fear and had no idea what to do in order to control it. He tried everything there was to try – consultation with doctors, expensive treatments, therapies, self-help techniques, medication – but all failed.

That was when he decided to do something about the seemingly hopeless situation he was in and fruit of his endeavors was the Panic Puzzle system. Today, thousands of people have benefitted from this product and thanks to Rich Presta and his undying fight against anxiety disorders, they have been able to turn their lives around

Puzzling out the Panic Puzzle

As mentioned before, Panic Puzzle is based on the theory that it is possible to teach the brain how to react appropriately during a panic attack. It is possible to discipline yourself into not giving into the fear and anxiety; and instead of allowing your brain to control you, you control it with an iron hand.

At the core of the Panic Puzzle system is an understanding of your own personal “fear cycle.” Then, Presta explains four steps which promise to change your life for the better. These steps/techniques are easy to implement and given that you are consistent you will soon be able to shake away your anxieties and live a productive, happy life.

What’s in the Package?

Here’s what you get when you get The Panic Puzzle program:

  • The Panic Puzzle Manual which acts as a complete guide to overcoming your panic attacks, anxieties and phobias
  • An unabridged audio edition of the Panic Puzzle Manual
  • The Anxiety Helix that tells you how anxiety works and what you can do to beat it permanently
  • The Rescue Audio Session where Rich helps you cope with an anxiety attack
  • The Missing Pieces which help you relax your mind when used in conjunction with the other materials provided
  • Premier Access to Updates
  • 2 Bonuses – “Meditation for the Panic Prone Personality” & “The Law of Attractiveness and Your Anxiety”
  • An 8-week, 100% money back guarantee

Pros and Cons

Let’s continue the Panic Puzzle review and look at the pros and cons of this program


  1. The techniques are quite easy to learn and implement.
  2. You can choose either the manual or audio edition, making it a lot more convenient for you
  3. The program is compatible with MAC and PC users


  1. Lack of additional support beyond general customer service
  2. The manual appears to be repetitive in some places

Panic Puzzle is Rich Presta’s first attempt to reach out to victims of anxiety disorders, and I have to say it…it is one hell of an attempt. Presta goes on to make the “Driving Fear Program” as well as the “Anxiety Lie Program” and both have created a stir within the community. Undoubtedly, this program works, and if you aren’t seduced by the main manual, you will be swayed by the free bonuses that he offers.

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