Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

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Natural Remedies for Panic AttacksPanic attacks are terrible for the general health of an individual. It can completely disrupt a person’s way of life. During these attacks, a person’s reactions and behavior becomes weird and uncanny. There is a sudden change in their hormones which makes the panic attacks much worse.

It is normal for a person going through an attack to experience actual pain, real fear and an exaggerated response to simple occurrence. Their daily life will definitely be impacted by these attacks especially their relationship with family members, colleagues and even friends.

Unless treated properly this condition will lead the person towards a downwards spiral which may eventually lead to suicide. Therefore it is critical that early intervention is sought. Described below are some natural remedies for panic attacks that can be carried out effectively.

Learning how to meditate and relax have been proven to have a positive effect when it comes to using a panic attack natural remedy. With the use of proper techniques for meditating and breathing, it is possible for the mind to control the physical body. These techniques can be effective during an episode to bring down the heart rate, regulate breathing and distract the mind from thinking about the trigger of the episode. You need to practice on these techniques but once you’ve mastered them, it can be very useful to you in many ways.

Eat a balanced diet. As they say we are what eat and eating a well balanced meal will have a great impact our overall wellbeing, both mind and body. It is always better to go for organic and fresh food rather than canned stuff as canned food is full of chemicals that may be harmful to the body. Since one of the contributing factors to panic attacks can be the weight issue, going on a balanced diet to shed weight can also have a positive impact on the whole situation.

Do physical exercise. When a balanced diet is complemented by a physical exercise routine, it will definitely encourage our system to function properly. It has been proven that just a daily exercise of thirty minutes can contribute to a healthy mind and body.

Herbal remedies. Herbs like St John’s Wort, Ginkgo biloba, passion flower, California poppy, lavender and hops are all healthy alternative remedies for panic attacks. Making a drink of tea out of these natural ingredients can also be a healthy way of consuming these herbs. Some of these herbs can also be bought in the form of tablets, oils, liquid form and powder to be used daily.

Belief in a higher power. Praying is also said to be a good form of meditation and has been shown to have great impact as a panic attack remedy. It is reassuring for the body and mind to know that there is a greater power watching over you.

Laughter has been said to be the best medicine yet. Scientifically proven to make you feel better, it is said that when you laugh out loud, the hormone endorphin (the feel good hormone) is released.

Find out what causes your anxiety. While it may seem like there is no obvious trigger to sudden panic attacks, if you dig deeper there usually is an underlying contributing factor. It is good to analyze what brought on the feeling of anxiety since it probably can’t bloom out of nowhere; think about something that may have happened sometimes not even directly related that may have triggered the attack.

Besides knowing the symptoms of an attack, it is good to find out what brought it on so that you can treat it with the natural remedies for panic attacks as listed above.

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