Techniques on How to Prevent Panic Attacks

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Techniques on How to Prevent Panic AttacksPanic or anxiety attacks can happen to anyone at any time. Individuals of all ages, children not exempted, who appear to lead pretty normal lives, can get these panic attacks.

There are people who experience these episodes without any obvious cause for it to happen in the first place. It may take place at any time of the day, sometimes even while one is asleep. Nevertheless, there are techniques you can use to prevent panic attacks.

Find out what anxiety is all about. Comprehending the way anxiety can have a toll on your mind and body can teach you a lot about how to prevent panic attacks. There are many articles and reviews you read about this and many other mind related disorders. Find out the things you need to be aware of and need to do in the event of an anxiety attack.

Stay away from unneeded stress. Some reoccurring attacks are the result of a stimulating environment like being up on stage of even getting stuck in a lift. These situations are made worse if you’re already stressed as well at that point. Stress can be a contributing factor to getting one of these attacks. Thus by decreasing the stressful areas in your life by removing such conditions can help you in preventing panic attacks.

You should also stay away from people who stress you out. Learning to politely decline invitations and extended working hours is also another great way to reduce stress. Although these might seem like trivial things but by avoiding these contributing factors you can reduce the risk of getting a panic attack.

Keeping fit with exercise is not only good for the body but also beneficial for the mind. Exercise is a sure way to prevent panic attacks. Studies show that a weekly exercise regime of just half an hour a day for about three to five times can give you a beneficial overall result. In fact if you do more with increased intensity, it will have even better results.

Eat a wholesome and balanced diet. A balanced diet can help you keep your body in shape, reduce the risk of getting diseases and reduce your stress levels. Eating freshly grown and organic food is especially good for the body as you probably know how much chemicals and preservatives are added to processed food these days.

Stop smoking and reduce caffeine. For people who are prone to anxiety attacks, coffee, tea and even soda that contain a lot caffeine can make the attacks even worse, and smoking is no better either. So it is really for your own good if you avoid these elements from your life.

Learn methods of relaxing thought by professionals like yoga, proper breathing and meditation to help you. If you do them regularly, it will make you feel good about yourself, teach you self control, increase you morale and make you happy. These are all great ways to prevent panic attacks from occurring.

Don’t be a pushover. Many people who get panic attacks have low morale and thus usually don’t like to assert themselves in anything. They are usually passive, depressed, lonely and feel unworthy and have great difficultly blending in with friends in their school, workplace or event their community.

In order to learn how to speak up, you may need to join such support groups and learn how to speak openly. This will take time to master but once you feel confident, you will have a better perspective of life and this in turn will reduce the triggers that cause you to have an anxiety attack.

Knowing the signs and symptoms to watch out for is equally essential as finding out the ways to prevent panic attacks. Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • Increased heartbeat
  • Losing grip of reality
  • Extreme fear over insignificant things
  • Feverishly hot or chilly
  • Heartburn-like sensation
  • Feeling faint
  • Disorientated
  • Feeling like you’re about to throw up
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Shivering
  • Feeling like you’re going to die

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