Panic Away Review – Is Joe Barry Successful with his One Move Technique?

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Reviewer: Jason Kluber
Rating: Panic Away Review – Is Joe Barry Successful with his One Move Technique?
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Panic Away by Joe Barry is one of the most popular techniques dealing with anxiety disorders and panic attacks. His One Move Technique has helped thousands of people across the world find sanity and order in their life. This Panic Away review will take an unprejudiced look at this product and put some of the more relevant details in front of you.

Joe Barry – the Author

Joe Barry is counted among the more respected authorities on generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. As a fellow sufferer himself, he shows great insight into the trauma and pain that people go through when fighting this condition. His own struggles made him want to reach out to others out there and share his experiences and unique techniques with them, thereby helping them overcome anxiety disorders.

That was how Panic Away was born and it met with phenomenal success. In fact, so unique is the approach in the manual that even the medical fraternity has begun to show great interest in it.

Shoo Panic Away with One Move!

The key to the entire Panic Away method is Joe Barry’s signature One Move Technique. According to Barry, after having experienced one panic attack, people dread the occurrence of a second one. This causes them to worry about it endlessly and eventually, these anxious thoughts lead to another attack. He describes this as the “Anxiety Thought Loop” or the “fear of fear.”

The One Move Technique aims at breaking this vicious cycle. It takes you through a step by step procedure that will help you acknowledge your condition, face it, and finally break the “Anxiety Thought Loop.” Unlike other people, he doesn’t ask you to ignore your fear or bury it at the back of your mind. He tells you to step up, challenge it, face it, fight it, and finally kill it.

Panic Away

What’s in the Package?

When you buy the Panic Away program, you will receive a lot more than the 150-page e-book that outlines Joe Barry’s One Move Technique. You will also receive a video presentation that’s great for people who may not have the time to read the book.

Along with this, you get two audio recordings – one where Joe Barry himself helps you get through a panic attack and the other where he guides you as you drive through traffic. Wait, there’s more. You also get unlimited one-to-one coaching via e-mails. And finally, you get the 8 week money-back guarantee. That’s quite a package!

Pros and Cons

Let’s continue with the Panic Away review and look at some of the pros and cons of this product.


  1. Great after sales customer support
  2. Free & unlimited one-to-one counseling and coaching sessions from Joe Barry
  3. Techniques outlined in the book can be used anywhere, from your home and office to parties and social gatherings.
  4. The technique is delivered well and it is easy to understand.
  5. Users also have the options of watching the video presentations if they don’t want to read the book
  6. A very supportive members-only forum
  7. Panic Away is updated from time to time so that users can access the latest, most current and accurate information on this subject.


  1. Some of the sections of the book can become a little repetitive and tedious.
  2. The program may not be able to cure severe anxiety disorders, a fact that is also acknowledged by Joe Barry.

Joe Barry comes across as a person of great integrity and you know that he is not out to bullshit you or con you. He has tremendous respect in this field, not just for fighting off his fears but for also creating something constructive and good out of it. Panic Away isn’t some crazy self help program that promises to cure you with a magic mantra. Barry’s technique is scientific and backed by research. How else can you explain the verifiable testimonials on his website? Reach out for this program and write a personal success story of your own.

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