Panic Attacks Self Help Treatments

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While seeking medical help should be a priority when it comes to dealing with panic attacks, you can do something to stop it while going through the episode. Described below are some of the panic attacks self help treatment that you should know so you can deal with the matter immediately.

Panic Attacks Self Help TreatmentsFirst you need to what a panic disorder really means in order to provide self help for panic attacks. Being aware is your first line of defense and will make it easier to deal with it when you are down with an attack. Do bear in mind that these disorders can take place at anytime to anybody.

Happy and healthy people are just as susceptible to this condition as with depressed and stressed out people. These attacks can happen without any noticeable trigger and without any pre-warning.

The triggers may result in unnecessary fear and irrational behavior. Low hormone levels such as decreased progesterone and serotonin can result in an episode. Although there are many studies being done on this issue, anxiety attacks are still a sorely misunderstood phenomenon.

Finding out what the signs and symptoms are, is essential for panic attacks self help treatment. In most cases, it is difficult to tell for sure if the symptoms are indeed the results of a panic attack as during an episode it is hard to distinguish fact and fiction. This however can not be an excuse for not getting help with panic attacks.

Some of the common symptoms include difficulty in breathing, increased heart rates, stomach discomfort, heartburn, feeling dizzy, shivering from having fever like symptoms or chills, feeling disoriented and a terrible sense of fear that one is dying. There may be many reasons that set off these symptoms and it will definitely differ from one individual to another.

Focus on breathing properly while having an attack. Proper breathing during one of these episodes is said to be the best method to eliminate the feelings you’re going through and also to distract you from the situation that caused the attack in the first place. Inhaling deeply for three counts in and out for a few times will slowly relax you. You can even try using a paper bag to breathe.

The paper bag routine helps with recycling the carbon dioxide that is released into the bag and inhaled back to regulate the acid level in the blood that would have gone haywire during heavy breathing.

Be positive. Of course this is not always easy to do but by being positive you will undoubtedly hasten your recovery speed. Just remain calm as the episode happens. You will feel the worst about 10 minutes into the attack and after that it should slowly subside. Even if it appears like you’re insane and about to die, just remember it will pass.

Stay away from stressful situations as much as possible. In life you are bound to face some stressful situations and it is important you learn how to deal with them but as much as possible don’t allow yourself to be caught in a stressful situation unnecessarily. Also it is good to keep away from stressful people, relationships and conditions if you don’t want to get a panic attack.

You don’t have to oblige everyone by saying yes to everyone at the expense of your own happiness. For example if working late is not going to result in a productive result from you, then just don’t do it.

These steps will hopefully assist you in panic attacks self help treatment.

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