Getting Effective Panic Attack Relief

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Getting Effective Panic Attack ReliefA panic attack can be a scary experience but it is usually not dangerous. These episodes usually don’t last very long either with it peaking about ten minutes into the attack. Getting effective panic attack relief can avoid it from becoming a serious problem and disrupting a person’s daily life.

There are very effective ways you can get panic attack relief. Listed below are the more common methods:

Proper breathing is a great way to control such anxiety attacks. Breathing right assists in bringing down the heart rate and easing the tension of the muscles due to the episode.

Concentrating on proper breathing also manages to distract the person from whatever the situation was that caused the attack in the first place and results in bringing the attack to a stop quicker. These breathing methods are fairly simple to do and practice.

Self hypnotism is a good technique to change your thinking pattern and the way in which your body would react to a scary situation. While you’re having an attack, lie down in a relaxed and comfortable place and focus your thinking. Review the reasons behind your scary feeling. Find out if it actually real or just your imagination playing tricks on you. When you do this, you will soon understand that there isn’t an actual reason for your scary thoughts. It is exactly as simple as it sounds.

Many experts in psychiatry are using this method of self hypnotism as a means of treatment for anxiety attacks and other related problems. In fact using behavior modification therapy and hypnotism can alleviate the common symptoms of panic attacks and are great panic attacks relief program.

Meditating has frequently been associated with stress and tension relief since it helps get rid of negative vibes from the mind and body, ease muscle tension and calm the mind which usually decreases the anxiety and unwarranted fear. Meditation takes practice and this method may not come easy. However, with a bit of help from a professional and determination on your part, you will definitely see the benefits.

Herbal medication is usually a safe option for prolonged treatment for relief from panic attacks. Herbs like chamomile, lavender, ginkgo biloba and passion flower are organic and don’t have any side effects. They are not as intense as anxiety pills but in the long run can work just as well.

Prescriptive drugs are an easy way to halt any signs of panic or anxiety attacks. A common medicinal treatment is antidepressant pills which should be continuously taken for a duration of at least 6 weeks to see any effect. Another drug known as beta blockers is used to avoid from getting these episodes again and again. Another drug known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) are taken to increase serotonin which controls the feel good emotions in our brain.

Getting counseling or therapy is another method of treating anxiety attacks. This method addresses the disturbed psyche of a person. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is also used as a remedial measure to change thought pattern by shifting negative thinking into a positive mindset. Patients are thought to role play and relax using the technique of CBT.

Another form of therapy known as exposure therapy is practiced to create moments of panic under clinical conditions to expose the patient to such threats and teaching them how to react appropriately. By doing this, the person will be better able to cope with such events in the future with ease and self control.

Prescriptive drugs and different forms of therapies complement each other as a holistic form of treatment for panic attack relief and bring good results. Research proofs that patients get better faster when these methods are used together rather than using just one method and not the other.

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