Proven Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

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Anxiety is a natural reaction of the body to situations that are worrisome or dangerous. Some amount of anxiety is even considered to be good since it prepares your mind and body to respond to threats and dangers. However, anxiety can become a problem when it is in excess and it begins to disrupt your routine life. Different people have different remedies for panic attacks, and some take to medication to calm their nerves. However, instead of popping a pill to get rid of that anxious feeling, why not try some natural remedies for panic attacks?

Here are some tips that should help you out:

Have a cup of Tea

Tea is known to have curative properties and for centuries it has been used to treat stress and anxiety. There are a variety of herbal teas you can choose from, such as chamomile, lavender, cloves, thyme, and orange blossoms.


Aromatic essential oils are one of the most well known panic attack remedies. There are various ways you can use them – add a few drops to your bath, inhale the infusion of an essential oil, or add it to carrier oil and massage onto your body. Some of the essential oils you can consider using are Frankincense, Cranberry, Ylang Ylang Lavender, and Tea tree.


When you exercise, the body releases endorphins, which are known as the “happy hormones.” And, that’s just what you need to break those anxious thoughts going through your head. So, exercise regularly, do a bit of walking around, climb up and down some stairs, get on your treadmill and stay there for 10-15 minutes… you will be happier and healthier once you are done exercising.

While these are great self help natural remedies for panic attacks that you can use to cope with episodes of panic attacks, it’s always good to have professional help and guidance.

One professionally written guide out there that has climbed up to the top rung of popularity is the Panic Away program created by Joe Barry. His One Move Technique has even the medical faculty taking notice. Panic Away teaches you how to break the “Anxiety Thought Loop” – the vicious cycle where you begin to fear the possibility of having another attack more than the actual attack. This leaves you in a perpetual state of dread. Joe Barry shares with you the secret of breaking this fear of fear, as it were along with a host of tips and techniques that help you live a life that’s not plagued by panic attacks.

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