Labor and Panic Attack: Is Giving Birth That Scary?

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Labor and Panic Attack: Is Giving Birth That Scary?It is actually not that uncommon for first time mothers to be terrified of the whole ordeal of giving birth and labor mainly from all the stories they would have heard from their friends. Some people do go through a really difficult labor but it is never the same for everyone and so most of the fear is probably unfounded. Nevertheless for the expectant mother the cause for worry over labor and panic attack is very real.

Panic attack during labor has the same symptoms as an episode at any other time except during labor it can be dangerous to both the mother and the unborn baby if not treated quickly.

Most mothers are taught how to breathe properly during labor and this is definitely a plus point when it comes to dealing with labor and panic attack. Simply by concentrating on the breathing the poor mother can distract her attention from the other worries that is causing her to have an anxiety attack.

There are many things you can do ensure that you don’t get a panic attack during labor. Having a supportive spouse is definitely helpful. You can talk to him and have him reassure you that everything is going to be alright.

Going for birthing classes together will ensure that both of you know the right breathing methods and it might come in handy should your husband be the one going through the panic attack while you’re in labor in the end!

Talk to your doctor to make sure that you understand the procedures that will take place during your labor. Also ask him or her what the emergency procedures are in case something goes wrong like perhaps a breech baby or baby being stuck in the birth canal. If you know what the procedures are, then you won’t panic and in which case you won’t have your panic attack.

Being well-equipped with the right source of knowledge is always useful. Friends are great but sometimes you get a lot of old wives tales that puts unnecessary stress on you. Childbirth is a beautiful affair if you let it be.

These days to reduce stress during labor, you can opt to have your own soothing music in the birthing room. You can put on music that will calm your nerves and in fact calm the baby’s nerves as well. If you like you can even have your parents and siblings with you during the labor for the extra support.

Make sure you eat well during your pregnancy and do ample exercise as this will give you a healthy body and mind and in fact facilitate your labor as well when the time comes. Don’t ponder about the panic attack and labor; think happy thoughts instead about your baby’s name, the nursery and how much fun you will have once she or he is out.

In order to give you peace of mind about your labor and panic attack, join a support group so that you can share your anxieties and know that they will not laugh at you. Besides it’s always nice to be able to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through as sometimes spouses really have no clue what goes on during the whole pregnancy when a woman becomes irritable, then sweet and all glowing and then irritable again as the weight gets heavier.

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