Effective Ways on How to Stop Panic Attack

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Panic attacks are said to be rather an uneasy and unpleasant affair which cause people who are experiencing it to quickly swallow some pills for swift recovery. There are pretty good medicines out there to curb anxiety but there are also alternative and organic cures which work equally well when it comes to treating anxiety attacks without any adverse side effects. Knowing how to stop panic attack using other than pills could be a very helpful idea.

Get plenty of exercise. Exercise is beneficial for the well being of the mind, physical body and soul. Exercising at least thirty minutes a day five times a week can be enough to stop a panic attack. Doing more strenuous exercises for longer periods of time can give you even more benefits both for your panic attacks and to relief stress.

Get enough sleep. Sufficient sleep is required by the body to replenish the body of all its lost supplies. So getting your beauty sleep of at least eight hours has been shown to improve stress levels and another method on how to stop a panic attack.

Eat a balanced diet. Besides doing exercise, eating a balance diet is important for the total wellbeing of the human body. Getting enough nutrients from your food ensures that the hormones and enzymes are in check and are able to keep you safe against common diseases which can also sometimes lead to anxiety attacks.

Stay away from unwanted stress. It is true some stress is normal in life and you need to confront them. However, stay away from people or places that might possibly even trigger an episode due to needless stress. Beware of individuals who might cause you stress and you don’t have to please everyone by being nice. Cut down the things that you have to do and stay away from heated discussions on religion and politics for example.

Learn some meditation techniques and ways on how to stop panic attack with Yoga, visualizing, breathing and even meditative exercises like Taichi and muscle relaxing techniques. This can help in times of panic attacks and at other times to give you a relaxed feeling.

Always think positive. Even though it may seem hard to remain positive while going through an anxiety attack but having a positive attitude can make you more aware of your surroundings and help you curb your problem. Just remind yourself it will end soon enough and you can return to your normal routine.

If these ideas on how to stop panic attack don’t help you with your problem, it would be best to seek medical help with regards to your overall wellbeing. Getting a thorough check up from the doctor can eliminate other reasons why you may be experiencing these effects.

If your feelings of anxiety and panic lasts for longer than two weeks and you can’t identify ways for stopping panic attacks then, it is advisable to see a counselor or therapist for assistance.

Treatment for someone with panic attacks is usually medication and or therapy. Medications like antidepressants and relaxing pills are often prescribed. These are often for short term remedy only and usually other forms of remedy are suggested for the long run. Therapy is provided in the form of behavior modifications and facing your fears. These therapies work well when given hand in hand with medication as well. Behavior modification techniques assist in replacing negative thoughts and actions with positive behavior.

Learning how to face your fear or exposure therapy is carried out in a controlled atmosphere where patients are thought how to deal with adverse situations safely. This helps in gaining self confidence to deal with the real situation should it occur.

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