How to Stop a Panic Attack – What are the Steps Involved?

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For most sufferers of panic attacks, the persistent question that goes on in their head is “how to stop a panic attack?” “Is it even possible?” “Is it really within my control?” Yes, it is! It is quite possible to stop having panic attacks, but the first step is to begin with the self affirmation that you are perfectly capable of handling this situation. Stop thinking of it as an insurmountable task; instead, think of it as an obstacle that you can overcome.

Breathe Properly, Breathe Easy

The moment you feel the onset of a panic attack, inhale slowly through your nostrils for 4 counts. Hold your breath for up to seven counts and slowly exhale, this time through your mouth, clenching your teeth together and making faint whooshing sound.  Over time, you should try to prolong the exhalation up to 8 counts, if possible. But, don’t rush yourself. Take your time.

Visualize your Panic

Think of you panic as an object. This will help you focus on it more intently. Once you are able to focus on it, command it to go away. Treat it as no more than a rude interruption and tell yourself that you will be fine and your rude visitor needs to get lost.

Relax your Body’s Muscles

Now it is time to relax the muscles of your body. This is an excellent cure for panic attacks. Start at the feet – clench the muscles and relax them – and work your way up to the head. Repeat as often as you want unless you feel all the strain melt away from your body.

In case you are still feeling anxious and the feelings haven’t subsided, start the process all over again, beginning with the deep breathing technique. Soon enough, you will feel the panic attack pass! There, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?

The Linden Method is one of the oldest, not to mention, a leading Cognitive Behavior Therapy program found on the internet. Charles Linden, the creator of the Linden Method, has pinpointed the root cause of panic disorders – a part of the brain known as amygdale. Amygdale controls your responses towards stress. Once the normal reactions of stress pass, the amygdale resets itself to the normal position.

In some people, the amygdale fails to reset after a stressful incident, leading to anxiety disorders. Having recognized the cause of this condition, Linden lays down a step by step guideline on how to stop a panic attack. The manual is succinct and Linden’s manner in the manual is empathetic…you are definitely in good hands with Charles Linden.

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