Find Out How to Control Panic Attacks

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Find Out How to Control Panic AttacksIt is unfortunate that there are some people in this world who have to deal with this frightening condition called panic attack. While it may be hereditary, it can also strike anybody with no prior warning.

Panic attacks are generally sudden fear that grips a person and the trigger is not usual known. These fears are very real to the person involved and can cause the person to hyperventilate and have heart palpitations.

It will also be accompanied by the feeling that you’re about to faint or throw up though that rarely happen. The condition itself doesn’t last for longer than half an hour but in that duration the person might feel like they are going to die and that they are going crazy. There are some things you can do to control panic attacks. Described below are some methods on how to control panic attacks.

If at all possible, don’t put yourself in a position where you know you will be terrified like looking down from a ten storey building if you’re afraid of heights or accidentally locking yourself in a room if you’re claustrophobic.

However, if you can’t help it and you’re already having one of your panic attacks; the easiest thing to do is to concentrate on breathing slowly. In fact if you concentrate deeply on your breathing, your mind will be distracted from the external factor that is causing you the panic attack and you can be controlling panic attacks this way. Learn how to take deep breaths and release slowly and continue doing this until your heart rate comes back to normal.

Also try talking to yourself to calm yourself down. Remember that the panic attack will be over soon and the worst is probably already over by the time you reach the point where you are able to talk to yourself.

Be positive about the whole situation; tell yourself you are not afraid and try to think of other things that make you happy to distract your mind. This may help you on your quest on how to stop a panic attack.

If you already have medication for the panic attack, you can take it as the doctor prescribed. Some of these medications are very good at instant relief.

However if this is the first time you’re having such an episode, it is critical that you immediately seek medical attention as it may be related to some other more serious medical condition. The doctor will evaluate your situation and prescribe a suitable treatment on how to control panic attacks be it in the form of medication or therapy and sometimes even both. You can even join support groups where you can talk to other people who are going through the same thing. There are also many support groups and forums online that you can join to get information and share your experience.

Try to remove unnecessary stress from your life and complement your lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating. You can also try enrolling in yoga, taichi or meditation classes that help you de-stress and also teach you proper breathing techniques which you can practice and master.

All of these methods will also give you confidence and teach you how to control panic attacks.

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