How to Control Panic Attacks – Effectively and Immediately

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According to the statistics released by the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 2.4 million people suffer from panic attacks in America every year. This gives you a good indication of how serious a problem anxiety disorder is.

People who suffer from this condition do not know how to fight anxiety. In fact, they believe that it is beyond their control to stop anxiety attacks when they happen. You can learn how to control panic attacks and keep them from making life hell for you.

Begin by Relaxing

Yes, this is your first step. Relax, breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Your breaths should be slow and even. This will keep you from becoming dizzy and light headed. Then, move on to relaxing your body by doing simple stretches for your neck and arms.

Stop those Negative Thoughts

It is very common for panic attack sufferers to compound the severity of the attack by thinking drastic and negative thoughts, such as “I am going to die,” or “I am not going to make it.” Banish these thoughts immediately with a firm command to your brain – “Stop!” Alternatively, you can even practice a deep chanting.

Think Positive Thoughts

Having tackled the negative thoughts, it’s time for you to think some positive thoughts. Believe yourself and tell yourself that you can handle it; it’s no big deal at all. After all, you’ve been through many of these episodes previously and they’ve all subsided eventually, haven’t they? This is just another panic attack, and it will be over before you know it.

Accept your Predicament

An integral aspect of learning how to cure panic attacks is to accept the fact that you are dealing with a difficult situation. Don’t deny it, don’t run away from it…turn around and face the situation.

One of the best methods available on the internet that tells you how to fight anxiety is the Linden Method. This technique has been created by Charles Linden, a former sufferer of anxiety disorder. After doing extensive research on this condition, Linden came to the conclusion the root cause of the problem was a flawed amygdale, the part of the brain that controls responses to anxiety and stress.

The Linden method contains a detailed explanation of this condition along with a step by step guide that returns amygdale to its normal state, thereby curing your anxiety disorder. Charles Linden is thorough and clear in his explanation and with his help and guidance, you can look forward to a time when you are not haunted by your fears.

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Linden Method