Find out How Long Does a Panic Attack Last

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Panic attacks are chronic fear syndromes that catch a person by surprise initially. After the first attack though, the subsequent attacks may be anticipated to a certain extent. Its symptoms include hyperventilation, heart palpitations, feeling disoriented, chest pains and feeling like as if you are going to die or are going crazy.

A person who has gone through such an episode will tell you that it seemed like they were in that situation for hours but in actual fact the attacks themselves don’t last very long. So, how long does a panic attack last? Well the answer to that is rather ambiguous. Each person who has a panic attack reacts differently to the attack and also after the attack.

Normally, a typical attack can last anywhere from a few minutes to not more than half an hour. If you’re wondering can a panic attack last for hours because there are people who claim that their attack lasted for hours. The answer may be either because they were getting recurring attacks or some of the symptoms lingering on even after the attack has stopped.

The duration of each attack is also dependent on the ‘trigger’ that set off the attack in the first place. When an identifiable trigger is removed, the attack will subside. For example if the sight of a snake brought on a panic attack, then by either removing the snake or you moving away from that place can stop the panic attack.

However when no apparent trigger is visible then the healing period may take a little longer. There are a few factors to be considered to figure out how long can a panic attack last. For a ‘seasoned’ panic attack sufferer, it may take just a few minutes before they are able to calm themselves down by doing proper breathing techniques and positive visualization. For the newbie it will definitely take longer but definitely not longer than an hour.

If you are one of those people suffering from panic attacks and you are wondering how long do panic attacks last in terms of the whole disorder and not just a particular episode, again the answer very much lies with the individual. Some people respond well and fast to medications and never get another episode again. For others it might take a combination of therapy and medication to put an end to the ordeal. So it can take a few months or even years, especially when initially a person just pushes it aside without much concern until the episodes become more frequent and longer lasting.

Actually the question of how long does a panic attack last shouldn’t really matter. The most important thing is to seek treatment fast. This will determine that the condition is properly diagnosed and was not the result of some other medical condition. Treatments besides medications and therapy can include learning breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, visualization and joining a support group. You can even try herbal remedies that don’t have the harsh side effects as prescription drugs.

Finally in order to really know how long does a panic attack last, if you are mindful, you can actually time yourself and study the pattern of your own attacks to determine the effectiveness of whatever form of treatment you are taking.

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