Find Help for Panic Attacks in these Simple Tips

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Panic attacks are intense feelings of fear, apprehension and terror that can come on you suddenly. There is no apparent reason or object that fuels these fearful thoughts, but you are scared nonetheless. The symptoms of panic attacks reach a peak within ten minutes and seem to subside almost immediately. Unless you get some professional help for panic attacks, it is difficult to deal with the situation all by yourself.

Here are some tips you can use which will help you stay in control and not allow panic from assuming power in your head.

Deep Breathing

Most people are not aware of how they breathe and what the correct technique for breathing is. When you panic, you usually breathe rapid, shallow breaths which come from the chest. This form of breathing is known as thoracic breathing and it causes an upset in the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. This in turn can lead to increased heart rate, muscle tension, and dizziness, among other physical sensations.

During panic attacks, breathe slowly, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Don’t breathe from your chest; rather use your diaphragm. Eventually, you feel yourself calming down and the panic attack passing eventually. Deep breathing technique is a great form of self help for panic attacks.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is an effective technique that helps you manage stress and anxiety. Those who have panic disorder frequently experience a tension in their muscles. In fact, a lot of patients end up with chronic muscle tension and they may even forget what relaxed muscles felt like. PMR helps you understand the difference between tensed and relaxed muscles, and share with you tips on how to relax your muscles during a panic attack.

If you have a panic attack, self help techniques are quite helpful, but they can only go so far. It’s always advisable to get professional help for yourself or seek guidance from someone who has a lot of expertise in this matter.

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