Easy Calm Review – Does John Mercer’s Technique Work?

Easy Calm Review – Does John Mercer’s Technique Work?Reviewer: Jason Kluber
Rating: Easy Calm Review – Does John Mercer’s Technique Work?
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The Easy Calm program has been available online since 2005. It was developed by John Mercer and it is counted as among the top self help techniques that can successfully cure anxiety disorders. The Easy Calm review is going to present the plain facts in front of you and help you decide for yourself whether this is the program that could end your woes.

John Mercer – the Creator

John Mercer used to be a sufferer of anxiety attacks and agoraphobia and he waged a 20-year long intense and incessant battle against these disorders. His endeavors paid off and he became successful in stepping out of the shadow of panic attacks.

Having done that, he wanted to help other people with similar problems. He became a personal development coach and began offering personal coaching to individuals all over the world to help them overcome anxiety related disorders. The Easy Calm video series is a culmination of all those years of one-on-one coaching sessions, his personal experiences with the disorder, and extensive research on this subject.

The Easy Calm Method

The Easy Calm Method is quite unlike any other program in the market. To begin with, it is a series of video presentations, and it feels as if Mercer were personally guiding you through the recovery process in your house. He draws extensively from his nearly two decade long fight with anxiety disorders and it combines practical techniques, useful information, and simple exercises into a comprehensive series.

The Easy Calm Method uses a holistic approach towards the treatment of anxiety disorders. The program takes you through simple yet highly effective techniques that help you dispel the negative thoughts that lie at the root of panic, anxiety, worry, and obsession. You are also taught how to prevent panic attacks from happening again, so that you can carry on with your life without having to be haunted by fears.

What’s in the Package?

The Easy Calm by John Mercer is a series of downloadable videos divided into 10 parts. The entire series is well over 3 hours and each minute of the program is worth its weight in gold.

Along with the audio series, you also get 3 bonus materials. Now, that should make you a happy man (or woman, as the case may be). The first bonus is titled “The Recharger” and it guides you session of meditation. The second bonus is “The Six Minute Miracle,” which delivers a visualization session. And, the third bonus material is the “The Easy Calm MP3 Series” that allows you to carry the program on your mp3 player and listen to it wherever you want, whenever you want. All this, along with the 8-week full money back guarantee! This is a totally win-win situation for you.

Continuing with the Easy Calm review, let’s look at the pros and cons of this program

The Pros and Cons of the Easy Calm Method


  1. If you aren’t too gung-ho about reading, this is the program for you since you can watch the video series on your computer or listen to it on your mp3 player.
  2. The visual lessons are easy to understand and they have a more personal feel than an e-book.
  3. John Mercer has arranged for excellent customer support. You can approach him any time by e-mail. And, he answers all his e-mails personally.
  4. The Easy Calm process has been explained in great detail, in a step by step manner and it is quite easy to follow.
  5. Mercer even offers the first 27 minutes of the series for free so that you may get a taste of what the entire package is about.


  1. You may need to watch the video series a few times before you get the hang of the technique. So, in a manner, it may be time consuming.
  2. Since it is in the form of a video, you cannot take printouts and carry reading material with you when travelling.
  3. The improvement is gradual and there are no overnight transformations.
  4. John Mercer does not provide live support and the only way you can get in touch with him is by emails.

All in all, the advantages of the program far outweigh the drawbacks listed above, and they should hardly prevent you from reaching out for that one thing that can help guide you and make your life panic free. Mercer means business and with Easy Calm he has proven that it is possible to get to the root of your problem, solve it and carry on with your life in a healthy and positive manner.

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