Tips on Dealing with Panic Attacks

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Tips on Dealing with Panic AttacksPanic attacks are a troublesome condition that is experienced by certain people in our community. It is a condition that doesn’t distinguish against anyone as anybody can get it even kids.

Panic attacks are sudden feelings of fear that grips a person so badly that for a while they will feel like their whole world is collapsing and the end is near. Heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing, increased heartbeats, feeling nauseous and dizzy are all part of the symptoms of this problem.

However it is reassuring to know that you can learn how to treat this problem. Listed below are some tips on dealing with panic attacks.

For people who have had to deal with this problem for a while, they will recognize some of the symptoms of an attack coming on. In order to learn how to stop a major panic attack, recognizing these symptoms are crucial. There are certain things you can do to prevent it in the first place especially if you know that certain phobias can bring on a panic attack.

For example if you’re afraid of heights then obviously you wouldn’t knowingly put yourself in a position where you will have to deal with it. This is just a temporary measure while you learn how to stop the phobia altogether. All these are good for prevention but how do you stop a panic attack while it is happening? Here are some suggestions:

Control your breathing – During an attack you’re bound to be breathing very hard and fast and this in turn will increase your heart rate and cause profuse sweating. Learning proper breathing can bring down the heart rate and the other symptoms a lot faster. You should inhale deeply and release slowly for three counts and see if you’re breathing normally, if you’re not, do the proper breathing again.

You may have seen in movies, people going through a panic attack are always given a paper bag to breathe into. Ever wondered why? Well, by breathing into the paper you will also be inhaling the carbon dioxide that you exhaled, in this instant the carbon dioxide will help you regulate the lactic acid level in your blood that would have gone up and down due to the heavy breathing earlier.

Diverting your thought or distracting your mind is another way to come out of the panic attack. In fact if you focus on breathing in and breathing out, you can actually cause your brain to get distracted from the thing that caused you the attack in the first place.

Speaking to yourself and reassuring yourself it’s only a panic attack and it will end soon is another method of dealing with panic attacks. Also by speaking positively to yourself, you won’t have the time to think about the thing that caused the panic attack.

If you want to know how to get back on track after a panic attack, this is what you should do. If it was your first attack you should pay a visit to your doctor who will diagnose you to eliminate other medical conditions for the episode and put you on a course of medication or therapy or even both. This differs with each individual as the remedy has to coincide with the cause of the problem as well. Dealing with panic attacks is not easy but if you follow the treatments properly you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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