What’s the Best Cure for Panic Attacks? The Power of your Mind!

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The cure for panic attacks begins with the acknowledgement that it is only panic attacks, and nothing more serious than that.

Stay Calm

No matter how severe the attack or how intense the symptoms you experience, at the end of the day you must know that panic attacks cannot hurt you. No one has ever died of a panic attack and neither will you. Remember this always – Panic attacks are not fatal. Therefore, the key to stopping panic attacks lies in staying calm and composed during an episode.

Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire

Another thing – stop thinking negative thoughts; thoughts that constantly put you down, thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself. These thoughts are like fuel for panic attacks. So, if you want to end panic attacks, you need to cut short the supply of fuel! There’s no other way. Banish these negative thoughts from your head. Love and pamper yourself and think positive thoughts that energize you.

Eat Healthy & Starve Panic Attacks

Not many people know that panic attacks can be triggered by poor diet or inadequate consumption of water throughout the day. Re-look your diet and make it a healthier one. Stop cramming into junk food, stop skipping meals, stop binging, and stop treating your stomach like a dump! Have plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat, nuts, yoghurt and juices. Plan a wholesome, nourishing diet for yourself. You will be a happier person for having done that.

Medication is not the Answer

It’s always easier and more convenient to reach for that bottle of medicine when you feel a panic attack coming on. However, medications, even those prescribed by doctors, provide only temporary relief. They do not go down to the root cause of the problem and fix you forever. You must look for a more permanent cure for panic attacks.

When talking of permanent cures, the one that immediately jumps to my mind is Joe Barry’s Panic Away program. It has met with phenomenal response from all quarters of the world and Barry’s One Move technique has helped people get rid of panic attacks.

When Joe Barry talks everybody is interested to hear what he has to say, including people of the medical fraternity. In fact his technique, as outlined in Panic Away, has changed the way even professionals approach this disorder.

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