Ten Tips for Coping with Panic Attacks

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Out of every ten people, one man suffers from panic attacks at some point of time in his life. It is not as unusual an occurrence as you think it to be. While a panic attack can be quite terrifying, they aren’t dangerous or harmful in anyway. Coping with panic attacks isn’t also as difficult as people make it out to be. With a little bit of guidance, you will be in full control of the situation.

Wondering how to overcome panic attacks? These ten tips are sure to help you.

  1. When you feel an attack coming on, regulate your breathing and avoid rapid and shallow breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly – take your time, catch your breath and if need be, use a paper bag.
  2. Make some changes in your lifestyle. Exercise regularly, eat healthy food, cut overly processed food from your diet and reduce intake of alcohol and caffeine. A healthy lifestyle helps fight any imbalance you may have in your body.
  3. Don’t fight a panic attack. Instead of thinking about how to avoid panic attacks, accept your situation and allow the symptoms to pass. Don’t allow them to scare you and don’t ignore them either.
  4. Even if you are embarrassed about have anxiety disorders, do not bottle up your feelings. Confide in a friend or family member talk about your emotions
  5. Distract yourself during an attack. Shift the focus to something beyond yourself. Listen to some music, read a funny book, or do a task that makes you happy.
  6. Choose a relaxation technique for yourself and stick to it. It could be something as simple as chanting “Om,” stretching your body, or meditating. Everyone has their own method of relaxing, so pick something you are most comfortable with.
  7. Remind yourself again and again that panic attacks are not dangerous and they will never harm you medically or physically.
  8. Avoid unnecessary stress. Do not expose yourself to elements or people that have stressed you out in the past.
  9. Explore the various possibilities related to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Look up an experienced practitioner in your locality and get an appointment.
  10. Consider joining a self-help group near your house.

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