Can Panic Attacks Cause Fainting?

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Can Panic Attacks Cause Fainting?Can panic attacks cause fainting – a relevant question to ask since one of the main symptoms of a panic attack is to feel like you’re going to faint. First of all, a little bit of background into panic attacks and what some of the common symptoms are.

Panic attack is the feeling of sudden gripping fear happening out of the blue that causes you to hyperventilate (breathing hard and fast), experience acute chest pains, stomach churning, feeling disorientated and lost and of course feeling like you’re going to pass out.

You must remember that each episode of a panic attack does not last for more than half an hour. While you might feel like you’re going to faint initially at the beginning of the attack, it rarely happens. In order to faint there must be lack of oxygen reaching the brain and usually the duration of a panic attack is not long enough for this to happen.

The hyperventilation causes you to have increased heartbeats and the need to run and hide but the peak of an episode is only within 10 minutes and after that it will subside. If proper steps are taken to calm down a person including proper or calm breathing or even breathing into a paper bag, the panic attacks fainting will eventually go away as well.

In some isolated cases panic attack can cause fainting. In the rare instant that one does faint after a panic attack, it is important to get checked out immediately as it could be the result of low blood pressure or some other related medical disorder.

It is important to make sure that the person who has fainted is not removed away from their normal environment because if they wake up and find themselves in a new environment, this could result in another round of panic attacks.

The best cure for when you are feeling faint during an attack is to actually do the very thing that will also stop the heavy breathing – some breathing exercise. Breathing slowly, taking in deep breaths and exhaling out slowly until your breathing returns to normal will not only cure the attack but will also stop the dizziness. Something else you can do to ease the tension building is give yourself a pep talk or positive thinking by telling yourself that it will be over shortly and you are still in one piece. Having someone beside you reassuring you would be great especially if they know how to handle the situation.

Panic attack may seem like a trivial matter for some but for the person going through this experience, it can be very upsetting. The illusions that they feel are very real to them and the physical changes that they go through are quite real. To the outsider it may all seem a big show but having a good support group for people going through panic attacks can be one way to stop or cure the problem.

So the answer to ‘can panic attacks cause fainting?’, the answer is ‘No’ except if there are some other underlying medical conditions even though panic attacks and fainting are usually discussed in any panic attack case.

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