Anxiety Disorder Panic Attack Myths Debunked

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Myths very often misleads people into believing something which is not exactly true and quite often paints the wrong picture about a situation. Some of these situations that normally give rise to myths include behavioral and psychological conditions mainly because these topics are subjective and prone to misinterpretations.

This write-up will debunk some common myths regarding a normal psychological problem that is anxiety disorder panic attack.

Myth 1: Those who suffer from anxiety disorder panic attacks are insane. Insanity is generally not the right word to use for anyone with a psychological problem and far from that those who suffer from anxiety disorder panic attack are not insane. They might appear confused and delusional during an episode due to anxiety and extreme fear however they are definitely not insane.

Worse still sometimes a person suffering from an anxiety attack is assumed to be schizophrenic, an extreme stage of psychotic behavior usually accompanied by hallucinations visually and auditorily coupled with some form of exasperation and confusion. Surely there is very little in common among people who are experiencing an anxiety attack and someone in an actual schizophrenic stage.

Myth 2: Those with anxiety panic attack disorder don’t have any self control. This is also completely untrue. Anxiety attacks do not leave a person out of control of themselves.

Their thinking during that time might seem confused for a short while due to some of the reactions during these episodes like difficulty in breathing and heart palpitations however the persons themselves have not lost touch with reality. The confused state is just a temporary symptom of the body reacting to the mind as a defensive approach. They are harmless both to themselves and to those around them.

Actually someone standing next to a person experiencing an anxiety disorder panic attack may not even realize their friend is going through an episode as these thoughts usually take place in the minds of the people. It is in fact the person’s own thoughts of shame or causing danger to the people near them that worsens the situation. The person’s own thoughts of not being able to come out of it are the thing that makes it seem like as if the situation is in fact far worse than it actually is. Bear in mind that all of this is happening only in the minds of the people and not due to lack of self control.

Myth 3: Those with anxiety attacks have serious heart problems. The situation may seem as half right because of the heart palpitations during anxiety attacks but this claim is not exactly correct either. Given the similarity of the symptoms for both heart attacks and anxiety attacks, this myth might be excusable. Having said that, it is quite common for anyone to get heart palpitations when put in an extremely dangerous situation.

It is normal for someone carrying out a dangerous activity to feel some tightness in the chest region, increased heart rate, heavy sweating, fast breathing and even difficulty in breathing. Since these may also indicate a heart attack it is probably easy for someone to think that the person may be having a heart attack rather than a panic attack. However you can not equate the two conditions even though they share some similarities.

Myths quite often have a shadow of truth to them but the best is to not believe everything people say out of ignorance. Having the myths debunked here will help you realize that panic attacks are simply the result of a stressed out mind acting confused for a little while.

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