What are Agoraphobia Panic Attacks and Panic Disorders?

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Many people out there who have to manage stress from daily living, job insecurity, moving into a new house, expecting a new baby into the family and perhaps a death in the family do not normally go through anxiety and agoraphobia panic attacks.

For a select few however who are prone to emotional instability, these happenings in life can lead to serious anxiety attacks and can last for a long time. It is still unclear why this happens but a main cause is said to be prolonged duration of anxiety and cooped up feelings of stress that has been going on for months on end.

Extra jobs in the workplace or even additional work in the house can increase the chances of a person susceptible to panic attacks to experiencing an episode. When not working within normal boundaries, the extra burden will increase the stress that they are feeling which in itself is like a trigger to an anxiety attack.

What agoraphobia means?

Agoraphobia is a term which describes a person who is afraid of open or public areas. Direct translations would mean “fear of the marketplace”. In recent times though, agoraphobia panic attacks are said to be brought on by anxiety attacks.

Those with this disorder display a variety of symptoms. A common trait shared by these people would be not wanting to be alone or be caught in the midst of a busy open area. This behavior is characteristic of avoidance phobia, yet another distinguishable sign of agoraphobia panic attacks. A person suffering from agoraphobia is quite restrained in their daily activities while someone who has a panic disorder is not so limited in their daily living.

What panic disorder is all about?

Anxiety attacks are said to occur at any time for no apparent cause. The truth is this phenomenon is not isolated and anybody can experience it at any time. Most people may have undergone at least one such experience in their lifetime. For some however it becomes a lifelong problem leading to panic disorder. A series of anxiety attacks caused by some life wrenching occurrence, extreme stress or something of that nature usually leads to panic disorder.

Each episode of a panic attack takes about thirty minutes but the after effects of such attacks can have a permanent emotional scar. Those who have panic disorder with agoraphobia suffer unnecessary fear and undue stress caused by the remembrance of the previous episodes in their minds. This leads to low self-esteem and low self-confidence which takes its toll on everyday living and routine activities. The reason behind someone getting this disorder may differ but they do share some common symptoms:

  • Always living in fear of another attack which causes a person to be constantly agitated and restless all the time
  • Being sedentary believing that anything they do might trigger an episode and also living in fear of going anywhere because they assume that if they do suffer an attack there won’t be anyone there to help them.

Those who have panic disorder can lead a normal life even though they may not put themselves in any tempting environment. Agoraphobics however live a very sheltered life due to their unnecessary fears in their minds. These thoughts can be detrimental to their well being and that of others around them.

In any case both of these situations are caused by anxiety attacks and as such one should find out what one can do to avoid these attacks from happening again or from even becoming worse. The best thing to do for agoraphobia treatment is get help from an expert medical practitioner from the very first attack itself.

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