After Panic Attack Ramifications

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After Panic Attack RamificationsThe best thing to do after a panic attack is to seek medical attention to have the situation analyzed. This would enable the doctor to prescribe the right after panic attack treatment and also to find out what triggered the attack. Here are some likely ramifications if you don’t seek early treatment.

Agoraphobia derived from the original Greek term “agora” meaning a fear of open public areas crowded with people such as an open market.

People suffering from agoraphobia are afraid to mingle with other people and this may lead to panic attacks. The two conditions show similar effects such as being unable to breathe, feeling as if you’re about to have a cardiac arrest or even as if you’re going mad and about to die.

Those on after panic attack medicine sometimes tend be over dependent on these medications. They take these pills to help them counter the effects of the panic attacks. Many come to rely solely on these medications as their only mechanism for coping after a panic attack.

Being overly dependent on pills to curb after panic attack is not a form of drug addiction but still it can cause complications if the person does not seek other forms of cure that might work better. They may reach a point where they are unable to carry out their lives normally unless they have their daily pills.

While taking medication after panic attack may not necessarily be a bad thing and in some cases it might work very well, it is important to realize that medication is not the only form of remedy. There are other forms of effective cure and therapy available that are usually ignored after becoming over dependent on these pills.

According to research, almost 20 percent of those suffering from panic attacks are prone to kill themselves as well as a result of depression. There are various perceptions as to the relationship between panic or anxiety attacks and depression. One view is that the depression is the result of chronic anxiety which the person normally experiences after an attack.

Another view is that since those suffering from panic attacks are usually agoraphobic as well, so they don’t have many friends who they hang out with which in turn leads to an overall feeling of being lonely and sad. This is turns leads them to suffer from depression as well.

Diabetes. It is not uncommon to find people who are suffering from panic attacks and also have indications of comorbid disorders, an example of which is diabetes. Research shows that people with diabetes and who also experienced intermittent episodes of panic attacks are less likely to live quality lives and are also more likely to develop complications.

Among people with diabetes, panic attacks as well as depression impede them from efficiently monitoring and controlling their blood glucose level.

There is often substance abuse among those suffering from panic attacks. Alcohol abuse and probably other unwanted drug abuse is just another way for these people to cope with their panic attacks and the other related disorders. This abuse will probably go on until the problem of the panic attack is addressed properly.

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